Hop Down Off that Moral High Horse Lefties

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Hop Down Off that Moral High Horse Lefties

Posted in : American on by : Michael Maharrey

Today, the left is celebrating the defeat of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race while riding in circles on a moral high horse.

“Tonight, I am proud and thankful that my home state elected Doug Jones. Tomorrow I’ll try to wrap my head around how very nearly half of y’all voted for a damn child molester. But tonight, it’s just happy tears of relief.”

This isn’t meant as a defense of Roy Moore or his sexual ethics. But people on the mainstream political left in the U.S. have not seized any kind of moral high ground voting for the other guy.

The left loves to ride around on a moral high horse and look down its nose at the right. And yet these same people turn a blind eye to the wars that their preferred politicians support and make possible. I’d bet dollars to donuts the person who posted the comment above voted for war-monger Hillary Clinton. She probably thinks Obama was a “great president.” She probably praises Obama as a decent moral human being. I see this messaging over and over again from the mainstream left.

And yet Hillary and Barack are responsible for millions of deaths thanks to the wars they ran. They droned hundreds of innocent people. The destabilized entire regions of the world.

But hey, at least they didn’t date teenagers 30 years ago.

The left rails against Trump tweets, and “right-wing hate,” and all manner of social outrage, but it can’t seem to utter a collective whisper when it comes to killing people in far-away lands.

It doesn’t take any moral courage to condemn child molestation. It does take moral courage to stand up against America’s wars.

In my eyes, all of the pontificating and finger-pointing and moralizing from the left is empty. They support the same government institutions, the same violence, the same coercion as the political right. Doug Jones will head up to Capitol Hill and joyfully participate in this institution of death and destruction.

You lefties need to just come right on down off that moral high horse. Your words are empty and your moral standing is sitting down.

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