Kim Jong Un Has Been Raised Up by God

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Kim Jong Un Has Been Raised Up by God

Posted in : Government and Society on by : Michael Maharrey

Many in the media have called  pastor and televangelist Paula White Pres. Trump’s “closest spiritual adviser.” Back in August, White appeared on the Jim Bakker Show. Her comments raise some questions in my mind.

“In other words, Kim Jong Un is authentically — whether people like it or not — has been raised up by God. Because God says that he raises up and places all people in places of authority. It is God who raises up a king. It is God that sets one down. When you fight against the plan of God, you are fighting against the hand of God.”

Oh wait. She didn’t actually say “Kim Jong Un.” She wasn’t talking about the supreme leader of North Korea. She was talking about Trump. But from the perspective of a North Korean, wouldn’t the same reasoning apply? If we really embrace this very literal reading of Romans 13 snatched out of context from everything else in the bible, wouldn’t it follow that Kim Jong Un is just as much raised up by God as Trump? So, shouldn’t his people obediently submit to his tyranny?

And how can you justify the U.S. “taking out” a leader of another country if God raised him up there? Would the United States not be fighting against the plan and hand of God?

“Well Mike,” you might say, “Un is clearly evil and the U.S. has a moral obligation to take him out. That’s all part of God’s plan.”

So, let’s get really honest for a minute. The U.S. government has done a whole lot of evil – arguably more evil than little old North Korea. I’m pretty sure the families of the innocent people killed in U.S. military adventurism since Trump took office don’t look too favorably on the president. Heck, they might even think him evil. And American culture doesn’t exactly scream “holy and good.”

Paula projected typical American narcissism and myopia – “Our political leaders are good and true and put in positions of authority by God. All those other national leaders – not so much.”

If you stop and think about it, this whole line of thinking makes no sense.

Paula goes on and talks about the hope she has for the U.S. Supreme Court now that Trump serves as the supreme leader.

“We want our Supreme Court to be like Neil Gorsuch. Because Supreme Court justices – if we get two more, come on, if we get two more, and right now, I know right now we are scaring the literal hell out of demonic spirits by me saying this right now, because if we get two more, we will be able to overturn demonic laws and decrees that has held this nation in captivity.”

Now hold on a minute. Weren’t those “demonic laws and decrees” handed down by people put in positions of authority? Those SCOTUS justices were appointed by past presidents. And wasn’t it God who put those presidents in power? So, wouldn’t those laws and decrees be part of the plan of God? Who is Paula to fight them? Sounds to me like she needs to be quiet and submit to people put in positions of authority.

Or maybe – just maybe – this simplistic reading of Romans 13 misses the truth.

Clearly, this line of thinking makes no sense.

Statism is a sin construct. Jesus calls his followers to embrace a different way. He built his kingdom on a foundation of grace and mercy, not on violence and coercion. In fact, he rejected the political process and the bludgeoning force of government as a way to establish his kingdom when Satan offered it to him.  People like Paula White who have this misguided notion that the United States forms some kind of “Christian nation” and yearn for a political savior are making the same mistake the Jews did in Jesus’ day. They are rejecting God’s kingdom for a poor earthly substitute.


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