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About Those Flags…

Posted in : Nationalism on by : Michael Maharrey

My neighbor has a flag pole.

He flies the U.S. flag.

Below that, he displays the Christian flag.

Along I-64 in central Kentucky, somebody erected a large flagpole meant to be visible to traffic along the interstate. They even installed massive floodlights to illuminate it at night. This flagpole also features a giant American flag on top, with a smaller Christian flag fluttering underneath.

I don’t understand this.

Flags represent allegiance. It seems to me, if you truly call Jesus “Lord,” his flag should fly on top of any flagpole.

In the early church, newly baptized Christians confessed Jesus as “dominus omnium” – Lord of all. Flying the Christian flag below the U.S. flag implies the nation stands above the kingdom of God. It infers that your loyalty lies first with the state, then the church. It symbolizes national superiority above all.

Some will argue, “Well, the law says no flag can fly above the Stars and Stripes.”

Then perhaps if you want to fly the Christian flag, you shouldn’t fly the American flag at all.



2 thoughts on About Those Flags…

  • Stephen June 19, 2017Reply

    Jesus had a flag?

    • Michael Maharrey June 23, 2017Reply


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