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Is Backing Israel a Christian Imperative?

Posted in : Foreign Policy on by : Cynthia Maharrey

When Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead, He created a new “nation” of chosen people – the church – made up of every tribe and every people. God’s chosen people aren’t comprised solely of the present-day country of Israel and its’ political hangers-on.


Politicians: Putting Hope in the Wrong Place

Posted in : Government and Society on by : Michael Maharrey

No government program could do what the Trinity Hill UMC church family did for me after my surgery. No politician cares enough about me to show up at my bedside at 5:30 a.m., or to sit with my wife, or to come to my house and sing Christmas carols to cheer me up. So why do we count on these people?


Punching You in the Head for the Common Good

Posted in : Non-Aggression Principle on by : Michael Maharrey

If you agree that force, violence and coercion are not moral/ethical ways to interact with your neighbors, I would implore you to start looking at other ways to make the world a better place than using political processes and the power of the state to impose your conception of the greater good on the world. It’s always wise to remember that every tyrant in history claimed to be acting for the greater good.